1915 - Inspiration
Hans O. Heistad

A century ago, Hans Heistad and my great grandfather, Captain Edward Harper, labored on the rugged coastline of Maine.

Hans, a landscape architect, designed and worked the rocky landscape of a coastal estate. Captain Harper, sailed his schooner “The Bloomer” past this estate with a cargo of granite block, destined to build a nearby lighthouse.

Within eyesight of each other they worked their passions from wood and stone, creating masterpieces that stand strong and inspire us a century later.

Hans, the son of a boat builder, was a Norwegian-born landscape architect. He immigrated to New York to become a protogé of Frederick Law Olmsted. Hans worked alongside Olmsted on prominent national parks such as New York City’s Central Park.

In 1904, he moved his family to Maine, to work for many years landscaping summer coastal estates. His pride creation was an estate called "Weatherend."

At Weatherend, Hans built outdoor garden rooms and terraces in harmony with the Maine coastline. He crafted curved tables and seating using the boatbuilding skills that his father taught him.

In 1915, Hans built the furniture that inspired us.

The Weatherend Estate
Circa 1915
1955 - The Craftsmanship
My Dad, Keith Harper
Circa 1955

In 1955, my father began his talent as a master furniture and world class yacht builder. The merging of these talents created a new expertise. My father honed this nautical artistry for decades. Always with perfection in mind and skill at hand, he built masterpieces for both home and sea.

Working alongside my father, I saw him employ the materials and methods of a yacht builder using marine epoxies, fasteners, and yacht finishes-- all methods that withstood the test of weather.

Little did I know this special expertise was our destiny.

1985 - The Vision

My friend Bill grew up at Weatherend, where he sat in the chairs that Hans built and looked to the sea, He saw the sailing vessels that he knew well and the lighthouse that my great grandfather built.

Bill had a vision: outdoor furnishings, inspired by Hans, built by the Maine yacht builder, bearing witmess to a quality that would endure generations.

Bill invited me to join his dream. Together we designed and built a collection to change outdoor furnishings for the century to come.

Bill Fisher
Circa 1985
2015 - The Vision

The inspiration of Hans, the craftmanship taught by my father, and the vision of my friend are revealed in the hands of the dedicated builders at Weatherend.

Their story is one of expertise and consummate craftsmanship.

They are dedicated to...

...selecting the perfect board.

...laminating and crafting the perfect curve.

...perfectly fitting each piece.

...meticulously sanding and applying 10 coats of Weatherend Yacht Finish.

...applying marine epoxy to every mortise and tenon joint.

Perfectly completing their masterpieces with a gold Weatherend plate.

These are the skilled craftspeople who make heirloom quality furniture for the outdoors.

Weatherend Estate Furniture